The Things That Got Us Here CD
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The Things That Got Us Here CD

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The wait is over! SWP’s fourth studio album is out now!

The Things That Got Us Here

1. Intro (Smile)

2. Smile

3. Chosen

4. Where Forgiveness Is 

5. Real to Me

6. Don’t You Think It’s Time

7. You We’re There

8. I Believe It Now

9. Let Go Your Troubles

10. There’s A Way

11. Thank You Jesus

12. Don’t Sweat It

13. The Comment Section

14. The Light

15. Smile (Single Mix)  

“The latest and greatest record of all time. Complete with songs that will make you want to drive and worship at the same time.” - Dave’s Deliberations on Dapper Haberdashery and Other Splendid Vestments